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The 12v 47amp one shown in the link is a HP DPS-600PB measuring 55x78x280mms+handle. I just converted one using the instructions from this site as far as which pins to short out to get it to power up. They are diagonally arranged so I used 3 0.1ins pitch connectors that I bought some time ago for servo's. These are dirt cheap and the wires have to be soldered on which works out ok in practice. The connections are ground,ps kill and ps enable. I suspect the enable is the shorter pin on the central matrix of pins.

It powers up well running a few tenths of a volt over spec with no load. The fan is a little on the noisy side. Going on amateur radio posts there is a slight chance that it may slow down when a load is applied. Some supplies those guys use have no fan but they advise fitting one if the supply is to be used without a load.

One thing I'm hoping some one can tell me is what these supplies do if overloaded? Some supplies will just dump max current into the load others will fold back to a much lower current and remain like that till something is done about it. Some need disconnecting from the mains to reset them. Any one have any experience? I mainly want to run a motor with mine and it may just happen to get over loaded. ;-) Hope they don't blow up.

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