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Sadly the Vulture and Mini Monstr Are No More

Well for me anyway...
It seems once Skip Miller Models found out that I also had been working with MVM models - they stepped in and forced their hand making MVM cut me off.

Its actually a little sad really - Since I had been contacted directly by MVM back in May - and SMM just bumped into the product afterwards. But me having a day job meant they could build and test their plane before I could test mine - beating me to the sale.

What is even sadder to me is it was My mistake that caused them to step in. I contacted Cody and Skip to let them know I was also selling the plane and did not want it to cause problems between us. No fighting, work together etc etc.. yada yada yada
Call it extending an olive branch.
Seems Cody took that info in a different direction and shoved that olive branch somewhere dark and nasty - I guess that teaches me a lesson huh?

After I found out about SMM product announcement I contacted MVM and this is what I was told:

"Hi Scott,

I am realy sory About that. We told you that we sent one model we didn`t know he is distributor.We tought he is only pilot.When we sttarted to advertise it we couldnt send one plane and wait we want to sell a lot because we have staff to pay and other expences.I hope you understend .We want to work with you .Did you try the 2m one how is it flying?
Ivo Milev "

They claimed to want to work with me still - I didnt threaten them - Didnt scream and yell - I played nice....
That was the last I heard from them for two weeks while we built out the planes and started testing sending in emails with our results and giving them constructive advice.

So after two weeks of zero response I got an email from MVM with a one line message to contact Skip Miller Models as the are the exclusive distributors in the USA.

I felt that was coming.

So now your going to have to pay about $300 more for the plane and the 2 meter I guess is not even going to be available.

Sorry all for wasting your time. You can thank SMM for that too.

I had two other distributors on board for some other countries but thats all gone with the Vulture.

The models I bought for testing will be liquidated as I have no desire to have them as a constant reminder that some people do things only for profit. Dont bother asking unless you see them in the FSW section they will go to local folk.

As for me - Im off looking again for something competative that I can provide at a truly good price.

Our new Monstr might be back on track again and will grow a bit to nearly 4m this time. It will be a cross tail and will be available in the USA exculsively through me. In Canada via if Thomas wants it - and in Australia/NewZealand via Kane Morley at as well.

We will also have Monstr Plane Bags shortly and still sell the full Topsky line of DLGs...

So thats that... The vulture was a nice flying plane and launched really well. However the decalage was way off from the mold - keep that in mind if you ever get one.... (NOTE - It was discovered later that the issue was not decalage it was too much throw in the initial setup)


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