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Reading up on the thread today, I see folks are talking about the crystals. And a little light goes off in my head, THAT doesnít happen very often!

Anyways, I have a question I hope someone might have an idea about. Iíve been struggling with the tail drifting either right or left. I know I need to adjust the trim during flight, but I can never get it to stop drift either right or left.

What I mean is, when the heli starts drifting left, (turning left), I give the trim a click, or two to the right, then itís fine for a few seconds. Then it starts drifting to the right! There doesnít seem to be any happy medium.

Itís especially a nuisance when Iím practicing my nose in hovering. Which Iím terrible at to begin with! Which in turn is why I practice it so much.

So my question is, could the crystal be causing this kind of problem?

Also, adjusting the gyro doesnít seem to have much of an effect.

Even with this little issue, the Quark has still become my favorite heli to fly. The 180Z is collecting dust right now, and the Ufly is on the bench waiting for some new gearsÖagain! I really need to stop backing into things with it.

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