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Originally Posted by DeuceTrinal View Post
I'm just not sure if the Vyper will be a good plane for me yet. I like to fly hard and tumble hard, but I'm definitely not a great precision pilot yet.
Always work the weak part of your game. If you want to learn better precision, a precision plane like the Vyper would be the best bet.

For example, I hardly ever used to knife edge, but the Vyper does it so well I learned a lot from it, and now I fly much more KE with all my planes.

I can hover, but I'm still working on torque rolls, and stable coordinated slow rolls only last a few revolutions before I get out of sync,
The Vyper is good at precision and it KEs like a monster. She's a great plane for that kind of work.

I don't want to step into a plane that needs a good firm guiding hand to stay in a harrier or hover and get frustrated because I can't keep up. I hear how easy the slick and addiction are to 3d, and I love that idea.
The Vyper is a bit more difficult to harrier, but it's not hairy or anything. You need really good harrier skillls, and if you don't have them she will teach you. The Slick is easier to harrier, but the Vyper kills it in precision manevers and KE ability.

I'm not sure how much more challenging a Vyper is going to be to harrier low and slow or do nice waterfalls with, compared to a Slick.
The Slick will be eaiser to do 3D with. It's a fantastic little plane and I love mine.

The ability to zoom around with the warbirds or do big pattern maneuvers as well as handle the winds really well are what attract me to the Vyper.
The Vyper is my best 46-47" plane for high wind days. I think you give up a little 3D ability with the Vyper, but in return you get really good precision and high speed stability. I think it's the best package for overall flying out there.
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