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the other solution of course, is to not use FG at all. since you have a solid wood structure, you may well save yourself some weight by priming and painting the surface instead. just shoot enough primer and paint to get a solid coat of each. this is by far the easiest solution, but you'll have to make sure your surface is primo before you do it. putty and sanding is your best friend here, if you decide to do it that way.

as far as weight of stuff, it would be helpful to know what fans, packs, ESC's you'll be using. if it were me, I'de be weighing all that stuff if you have it and then weight the airframe as it sits now. add it all up and then divide it by your wing area. that will give you your onces per square foot/square inch and you've got your wing loading. then take your total weight and measure it up against your total wattage output. this will tell you what your Watts/pound is for thrust. as long as you are above heading towards the .7:1 area, you wil be fine, or somewhere around 150 Watts/pound. that's the way I would go, rather than ask someone about what will work when they don't have something to relate it to. yours is a rather obscure model to say the least, but a twin is a twin afterall. LOL. if you don't know your total wattage output, just search on here as I'm sure someone has done the same power system as yours at some point in time or another. just list what you have and I'll (or others) help you out
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