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OK, I'm ready for the maiden flight and will post a video as soon as I can get my son in law to break out his video camera.

Photos of the finished P-40 and the power plant are below. The motor is a GWS GWEPSQ2815RC fitted with a GWS EP-1060X3 prop. I did not put this on my test stand for fear it would break it but static testing, holding the plane at full throttle tells me that this thing will move. Using my Watts up meter I measured 411.4 watts at 36.09 amps.

Weight without the battery is 670 grams and the all up weight is 860 grams. The CG is at 45 mm back so it is about 4 1/2 ounces heavier than I expected but still OK and just slightly nose heavy. I like fast planes to be a little nose heavy anyway.

The spinner is a 2" Du Bro 3 blade. It requires some modification in that you have to Dremel the openings to fit the GWS prop and you also have to remove the three locator pins. I also fitted a proper spacer in the spinner back plate, I used one of the hundred or so APC spacers I have lying around. The spinner only comes in white or black so I got a white one and painted it red, it turned out very nice.

Notice that I have not applied any decals other than some numbers on the plane. Never put the decals on until after a couple of flights, if you break the cowel you can get another one cheap but the water slide decals are hard to find and expensive.

I want to thank Chen for all of his help in getting the motor assembly for this plane through the lonely birds program. Shipping from Tiawan was faster than I expected and as always GWS service was excellent. I think Caliber has these is stock now so if you are in the US you should be able to order one directly from them.

So that about does it. I'm going to try to fly it today and if I do I'll post video tonight. Happy flying.

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