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Build Log
P-47 Jug: VarioPROP

Okay! With the motor centered and the Cowl mod completed, I needed to find a 4-Blade prop for the Jug.

The only viable solution I could find was the VarioPROP by Ramoser.

I must say, this thing is Kewl! You can adjust the blade pitch to suit your needs for whatever application you desire. Although not scale because of the spinner, I could run this on the P-51 if I wanted too. It comes with a gauge, pointer and ball headed hex driver to aid in the pitch adjustments. Blades and spinners are extra, but blade replacement is reasonable.

What I have is the 4-Blade 12C adjustable hub suitable for an 8mm prop adapter. The blades recommended for my application with the P-47/580 motor was the 13 x 9 #353-12 (I said 352-12 in the video). These 13 x 9's actually measure 14" from tip to tip. The Dome Spinner is the #1201 aluminum spinner which attaches to the prop shaft with a 3mm countersink tap screw. Because the 580 prop shaft would have to be drilled and tapped to accept this screw, I decided to stick to my SAE standards and went with a 6/32" SS countersink button head set screw (I also have a lot of these in stock)!

If you should decide you want to go with a 2-Blade set-up, simply remove 2 of the blades in the 4-Blade hub. With a range of 10" to 15" blades in both "Speed" & "Scale" in the 12C hub, the options are wide open to whatever application you would want to try! Just keep in mind that the different size hubs 6A, 8B, 12C etc. must also use the same blades for that size hub.

UP-DATE 09/20/2010: I converted my 4-Blade VarioPROP to a 2-Blade to see how it would look. It took me about 1 min. including a pitch adjustment.

UP-DATE 11/08/2010: If and when I ever decide to try out the G&C motors, Ramoser has a nifty 6mm collet adapter to fit the 8mm VP hubs to the 6mm G&C prop shaft.
I also have a new set of the VarioPROP 14" Speed blades. It will be interesting to see how these 14's will work as a 4-Blade & 2-Blade setup?

The following vid will show how easy it is to adjust the pitch on the VarioPROP.

VarioPROP 1.m4v (4 min 54 sec)

UP-DATE 10/11/2012:

I U/L some more detailed pics of both the 12C 3 & 4 Blade VarioProps. I also have some detailed pics of the larger scale 16D VarioProp which has a range of 16.2" blades up to 22.6" blades.
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