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I am putting a Supra E together with an MVVS Glider electric motor -- it is an outrunner where the outrunner part is inside an external case. Real slick, but not very cheap.

I have been flying a Hyperion 3025-06 in my AVA-E with a 3S battery and a 13x7 RF prop. Climb rate with a 42mm hub is about 3500 fpm (straight up like a rocket). The plane weighs about 55 oz.

I have bench tested a new Hyperion 3025-08 with a 3S battery and a 16x8 prop and it pulls about 100 oz static thrust. 600+ watts. Based on experience and interpolating my data with Motocalc, it should pull your Supra up at rates exceeding 2500 fpm -- maybe as much as 3000 fpm.

These Hyperions are real gems for powered gliders. They are outrunners with tapered nose pieces which both fit narrower glider noses and which support the rotor a little better. In a narrow nose, however, you will still have to make provisions to lead the wires past the motor. Either with some kind of bulge or by simply leading the wires out and then back in behind the motor. I have used both on various outrunner motors.

Unless you are looking for the absolute maximum power system efficiency of a geared inrunner, these motors are hard to beat. And for what you get, they are not very expensive ($90 or so). One source is

While most of us do not need FAI rockets, I have found that the little added power these motors add results in gliders which will fly straight out of your hands in any conditions with no muss or fuss. Launching AVA is pretty well a hands-off affair. You hold it over your head, turn on the motor and let go. No toss, no problem accelerating to airspeed -- just let it go and fly.

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