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Originally Posted by Dan203 View Post
I'm very interested to hear how this works out. The 16t pinion is just too much for this heli, even with the 2.9g tail. I was thinking about getting a 14t pinion to try myself, but I don't have any of the tools to actually replace the pinion so it would be an expensive venture. I'd love to hear your opinion of it before I actually buy everything to do it myself.

Originally Posted by Tom Z View Post
The stock 003 motor has a 13T pinion on it.
I am going to try a 14T to see how it performs.
The tail should still hold when you punch it with a 14T.


I am going to try it out tonight. I have an 003 motor with a 16T on it
so I will pull it off and put a 14T on it.
Dkfuji said it should work good on 14T and the tail should hold on punch-outs
with the stock tail motor.
Also he said a 14T might work good on the HP06 instead of the 16T
if the 16T is too much.
Maybe the same goes for the Red Turbo Ace Motor? Iíll ask him.

It is disappointing to here your Red Turbo Ace Motor and 2.9G combo
didn't work out. It should. It works well on the CB100.
If the HP06/2.9G combo doesn't work either when I try it
then we are trouble... I can't see why we would be stuck with the
stock motors. We can use anything in the CB100 and it works well.
Maybe the RX-2441V is programmed only to work with the stock motors.
I hope not!

I am going to keep posting in your thread and update my review over there.
I wanted to post this so the people who follow my reviews know it
is over in your thread. Plus some people only read the first page and move
on or my review gets buried in the thread and people don't see it.
This has happened before like my CB100 review.

This thread will be good for questions so I kept it open instead of closing it.
Feel free to post all you want here and anyone else.

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