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Let's not be too overly concerned about that yet , I'd just like to know what the airframe and fan cost , as others have said it depends where you shop and also what the particular buyer can afford to finish it off with .. Also it's not an entry level jet is it and when you break it down with real life cost of all the good servos(6+) , esc's ,motors , fans, retracts , airframe , full range rx , ubec etc etc that is up there anyway.. Most ppl don't put crap in planes flying 130mph + .. I remember lots of ppl saying the gen 1 habu was expensive too but they are still selling them? I think it's great that they are looking to improve the gap between say a ss90 or sapac 70 and the likes of the carf sparks and bvm products. I'm looking for a jet ATM and I like the sapacs(will probably buy the hawk while I wait for habu) but have 3 70mm's already and I'm scared to invest in a sniper 90 cause of quality reasons and I can't afford an Electra at present nor am I ready for one what do I buy? (no more foam please )... And then along came habu 32 .. God Is listening ..
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