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the min =i V2 of the funjet where i tested the laminated and shapely fuse had a hard landing and teh nose broke clean off ,
this was cool as it allowed me to see the cross section of the lamiantes ( i lost pic Grr)
so i can ajust plans where it is thin.

so far i'm sure boxed fuse is providing a extra lifting body , over curvy shaped fuse.
so now i'm on a mission , blending box with laminate.
speed of a boxed fuse build & the lifting body , and soem nicer curves by adding foam fillets to inner box corners , alowing for deeper corner sanding.

it is clear withthis FJ , if you look at profole of the fuse it is a semi symetrical foil segement.

i have sanded my wings LE to lower tip stalls by giving them a lower AA , and higher AA at root . this made slow speed flight much better , but no wthat slower speed it is a flight to keep nose up .. LOL
but hey it's built to go fast any how ans one can see form vids , it rocks.
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