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My personal touch to the Midget Mustang


The Midget mustang that you see here is the second one that I have bought.
I completely stripped the airframe and re-covered it with Hangar 9 Ultracote, and created the "Red Bull" lettering, decals, and my black race numbers in Photoshop. I reverse printed them on to the back of Top Flite Trim Monokote adhesive covering and them cut them out. I wanted there to be more contrast between light and dark colors for better visibility in the sky as well as below the trees.

The stock motor box has to go because it is designed for the wimpy stock outrunner to be installed behind it. The stock motor is designed to run on a 2 cell battery with a 7 inch propeller. From the videos I've seen with users flying the stock setup it looks as though it will only fly at around 50 mph.
The BP 2217/6 motor is very robust and reliable and I also use it on my ALFA warbirds such as the F4U Corsair and the FW-190 A8. The 2217/6 is a 1500kv motor which works best with an APC 8x6E prop. It produces around 390 watts at 38 amps on a fully charged Rhino 1850 3 cell 40C battery. Since this motor swings the 8x6 prop at such a high rpm, more thrust angle is required to keep the plane straight. I have used exactly the same power and mounting configuration as mentioned in my review with my ALFA warbirds with great success and reliability. Take a look at this picture and you'll better understand why I removed the stock motor box.


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