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If this thread even helps a few new EDF pilots I will be happy! Let me tell you a recent story: So I am out at the local park doing some 3-D flying and enjoying the nice weather when a dad and son show up with a F-15 (looked like one from Nitro Planes/Hobby Lobby). I can't help to notice that they look like real rookies. I land and say hi and ask them about the plane. "First day out with our new jet!" I ask what size lipo is it using? "Whatever came with it!" I ask "you need any help with a range check or anything?" "Nope...everything seems to be working"!! They were using the stock RTF radio so I told the dad to make sure that the control surfaces were moving the right directions and to be sure that he had it on the low rates. I even went as far as setting up a timer for them as I told him that size (it was a 3S 1300 is only good for about 3-4 mins per flight) and he said he was fine and would keep tabs on the time with his watch. I stepped away and watched from about 30' away. Dad hooks up everything and takes off...F-15 just makes it off of the dirt runway and heads up into the sky...doesn't look like he is in control at all...I can see Dad fighting with the controller and moving his arms as he tries to steer it counter clockwise...makes it up about a 100' or so and seems to get it under control for now...his son is really excited! On his third pass around the field it appeared that Dad over steered the F-15 in a left bank turn and she entered a down line spin....down and down she comes and then BOOM!!! Smack right into the ground! The nose was crushed all the way down to the fan...lipo was crushed but didn't catch fire...looked to be a total loss...and the poor Dad looked really bummed out as he walked back across the field with his son. Didn't say a word to me as he left. Now I personally have flown the F-15 and like the way it flies! Nice and slow and lands really easy! I have to guess that this was this guys first RC plane (maybe got it as a gift or something).
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