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I agree. They are not that hard to fly, as long as you pick a sensible, less expensive one to start and figure on repairing it often. My first EDF is a HC-Hobby Mig 29. A lot of what was in the first thread is correct. The main challenges for me were:

1. Long take off rolls

2. Orientation (bought the gray plane, duh)

3. Realizing you cannot do snap maneuvers - everything needs to be slow and wide with jets, especially those with stock (<1:1) power systems. Everything is about momentum.

4. Managing the power system. Everything is at the limit in EDFs: batteries, ESCs, wiring, motors, fans. Most of the chinese stuff needs major reworking in this area to be reliable, including taking the time to balance the fans and ensuring proper ESC cooling on the scale twinjets. Batteries need to be good - 25C minimum with 35C and up preferrable.

5. Short flight times. This is not al-fresco flying. Plan on 3 minute flights initially, know where the plane will go andwhat stunts you will do, and do not deviate from your flight plan. Keep the plane in tight and always be prepared to turn back towards you.

6. My surprise was that these style planes actually glide well. I actually land dead stick every time.
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