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I would say dont be afraid.

Threads like this make it seem like a huge and difficult progression.

i picked up my very first plane in Jan. 2010 i had never flown any sort of plane prior to that point.

I got a BL P-51 in March.

And i got my first EDF in June.

I kept being told, # 1, i couldn't fly a 4ch plane in January.

well i did.

#2 I have heard that Ailerons are hard for a beginner. I feel that rudder is worthless for a beginner, and ailerons are just fine.

and i fly great w. Ailerons, and use rudder when i land, only, maybe.

#3 I have heard, and been told that its impossible for a beginner to build and fly an EDF.

w/ barley 9months under my belt as an RC pilot, I consider myself a beginner.

and i love both of my EDFs, and have yet to crash. (i had 1 hard landing when i tried to touch the tops of the grass @ my feild....)

but i have not yet found that an EDF is "BEYOND" my abilities as a beginner.

i woudnt touch a composite or turbine EDF @ this point.

come Jan.2011 that will change.

but for now, i love foamies. and wouldnt ever tell some one they CANT do something.

a better approach, and a total rarity on this forum,

would be an assisting hand pointing out key aspects that a newb may over look when they do.

when some one makes an impulse buy, and people laugh and say "YOU CANT DO THAT"

its very frustrating, and not helpful.

but should someone say, "hey, thats a tough starting point, but with my experience, let me help you understand these things....."

that would be awesome. But it just doesnt happen here.

SOOOOOO, maybe if all the elitists are frustrated w/ so many people asking if they can fly an EDF....

Encourage them, help them, and guide them. Tell them stuff they may not know.

Dont tell them that they will crash.

We all crash at some point.

so there is no reason to point that out to someone who is trying to learn.

People come to the forums for an oppertunity to learn.

however, on RCG, it seems that being a newb means you should do your own research and leave us who know what we are doing alone.

I almost got banned in my first thread because after people told me the was no way i could fly a 4ch plane as a newb,

i told them to take note that i already had, and dont want their opinions on if i can or cannot, because I had.

I guess i would say, do your own research. Dont depend on other people opinions as to what you can/should do.

if you have to depend on other people to tell you what to do and when, well, this hobby will suck for you reguardless of the type of plane you want to fly.

if you have researched your butt of and know everything you think you need to know, ask for help, but take other people's responses with a grain of salt.

they are only, like opinions man. not facts.
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