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Hey Mods, please make this thread a sticky!!! Lots of good info here.

Based on many accident reports and complaint threads I have read in my preparation for moving into EDF, I would recommend replacing primary flight control servo's on most entry-level and mid-range RTF/ARF EDF's.

Same thing for ESC's.

I have a 70mm Starmax F-5E V2 on the way from Banana Hobby and I will replace the primary flight control servo's (2X ailerons, 2X elevator, rudder) and ESC before first flight, just to be safe. This is not unique to BH by the way, it just appears to be good practice and cheap insurance regardless of where you get a plane if it costs less than $400-500 before power setup.

Hobby King has decent 9g servos for about $3/ea or you can go brand-name 9G servos from your preferred online or LHS source ($10-13/ea) - Turnigy makes goods ESC's, as do others.

Most entry-level to mid-range EDF's also appear to have lightweight retracts that don't hold up well. Go for digital servoless retract (DSR) or wormgear style (BH V2 on the SU-47, A-10, Mig-29 for example).

Lastly, you should have realistic expectations about speed, acceleration and climb performance as some others have posted - especially if you start with a more suitable first EDF (50's era fighters like F-86, T-33 or Panther). There is only so much that more battery or more fan/motor can do in a draggy airframe. Just like with prop planes or helicopters, most of us need to crawl before we walk, then walk before we run.
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