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First Flight

Ahhh... I remember my first flight only about a month ago.. I own four planes.. Art-tech Cessna brushed...Never flown. Utra-fly C14.. still boxed and unbuilt.. Unknown Balsa and Ply P51 Mustang... and My new recently purchased Parkzone P51 micro..all to my wifes amusement, cos she just thinks its a waste of money lol . I have spent many years messing around on Microsoft flight Simulators as well as being in a Flight sim Clan for 6 years and using Aerofly deluxe. I had managed to learn how to hover my Walkera 60b helicopter and fly around my garden , all self taught, which also I could build blindfolded due to crash damage, but I was aching to fly planes. I had the Cessna about 4 years ago but was afraid to fly it. The Ultrafly and the Unknown P51 mustang I bought recently and the Parkzone , just over a month ago, then my brother told me about a group of friends he knew who flew electric gliders that meet up at the local park quite often and that we should tag along and get some advice. I took along my PZ P51 micro and met one of the guys there flying his electric glider 3 channel and learnt that he had aircraft for years but' had just recently learnt to fly his 3 channel glider. I watch for a while, then took my micro from the box, turned tx on, inserted the battery.. did a flight check all looked good.... held my breath..facing a very ,very slight breeze at 3/4 throttle, held aircraft in left hand ,by the canopy, right hand on right stick with slight down elevator. then a gentle under arm throw...... then she was in the air.. I banked to the left and did a few circuits for about 5 mins , my hands were shaking and my heart was pounding...what a rush.. I did a gentle land on grass ,as I didnt want to get over confident and crash, plus I needed to stop my knee's from knocking.
The other guys who had been watching were interested in the Micro and said what an excellent flyer I was.. I was a bit embarassed to say it was my first time. I changed the battery as I had bought a few spare ones and flew all afternoon without one mishap. One of the guys bought along a big nitro trainer and said he had been flying for around 30 years, only thing was he crashed just after take off.. had a servo fault.. but I noticed that he had'nt done any preflight and took off in a crosswind. I have flown that baby nearly every evening after work. weather permitting and even fitted Nav lights from Tinybrite lights so I can see her at dusk. now I'm gearing up to build and fly the others and fly with the big boys......
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