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Hey Paul, how the hell you doing? I had a feeling you had to be up to something since finishing off the "Frank", great looking plane by the way. And now I see your going for one of those scooped planes yourself , good choice.

For the panel lines, I still do most of it the split line way, but there's no real short cut that I know of yet to get everything on in one swoop.
I've been playing around with mapping textures to the surfaces a little, the only trouble is getting ones that will match the panel lines on the plane. I'll probably try my hand at making some myself, it's just I'm not to handy with using MS Paint quite yet, but doing it that way you can have the panel lines and a color scheme in one shot (texture), then just map and adjust them to the surfaces. You can also make decals in SW and use them also, but I haven't tried that yet.
Anyway, I'll give it a go this coming week and see what happens, then let you know.

This project we're working on is really just Raipe's, I'm just here to help out, he's the one that's going to be doing all the hard work, like building it.

before you ask, yes I'm still working on the XP-72 little by little, covering it is proving to be a real pain, but it will be completely covered soon, it has to fly it before the snow starts flying here.
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