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Yep i went out today to test the new forks.Well i didn't notice any change in performance.Except the i could see the bike's frontend dive under braking and rise on throttle.

I had a blast though! i took turns running each bike.Till the older bike pulled the shock shaft right out of the aluminum shock mount under acceleration.So i put that bike down and started running the newer bike.Man i was having to much fun but by the will of the gods.LOL the wind blew i piece of wood chip right in front of the line i was taking down the short straight.It was big enough to launch the bike in the air like a rocket.LOL So the bike went cartwheeling down the rest of the straight.I was laughing because i haven't seen i rc bike tumble like this in ages.
So when i went to get the bike the right forklegs was bent.But i wasn't sure if it was from the bad cartwheels or when i side swiped the curb on one lap. I would believe from the cartwheel mostly though.The bike came down hard on the frontend first. I still had fun though.
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