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378 Posts has been a long while since I last touched this model, but I had promised it will fly again. Anyway, as can be found in the General Ekranoplan Topic, I made quite some progress on other WIG models since I built this one, and I must say that I learned quite a lot about CP movements, but also on directional aquaplaning stability.

So..Either, I would someday build a totally new ekranoplan, or I would adjust this one.

One thing was certain, the whole bottom of the model had to be replaced, as it was generally wrong. It had two hullsteps, one lying far behind the CG, the other one lying alltheway under the nose. As the model rises on step, it won't just ride on the rear step(because of it's location), but also on the front one, allthough that one wasn't meant to do that. The result is that it becomes directionally unstable.

The new bottom had to future 1 large step, located infront of the CG(but not too far), to give the model a slightly nose up attitude. Buy using a keel behing the CG, it will still be directionally stable.

Blabla, hard to describe, I will show a quick drawing: (look at the bottom)

The other change is, it will feature 3 engines this time, allthree located in such positions and angles, that alltogether they cancell out the moments, thus not interferring with pitch stability. They are placed in such a fashion that the front two motors will permanently provide PAR.

Anyway, I don't have the slightest idea when I will have time to finish this, as I allready have only 2 days for the next weeks, and I also have to test the Heliferry model. But still, here are some photo's of today:

This really hurt:

Then I started on the flaps:

Next step: sanding the bottom!

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