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jee, ive done that a few times lol, i have to change my rx between planes and forgot which ports had which servo pluged in, launch go to go vertical and splat nose dive, i have the aileron and taileron mod on mine and roll rate is insane(thats why mine is a crazy color) ive had mine sat waiting for the wind to off and my back aint hurting to go fly mine again and get a vid of it with my hat cam which is dialed in spot on now.

how much deflection do you have on your surfaces?, i use a fair amount on mine, i use the last hole at the end of the arm.

for the prop i balence mine with a bit of tape on the blade, spin it up if it is louder and vibrates more i change to the other blade and add or reduce the tape till it feels smooth with no vibrations, i find this way better than putting the prop on a rod and seeing which side drops and adding tape to the blade at the top till it sits on shaft level, but both ways work well and the tape can be replaced with a heavy paint say nail varnish or just varnish, and can be sanded off with wet and dry if you get too much on, a balanced prop sounds better and is prolly more efficient and wont wear your motor bearings out so quick.
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