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1) No. The 580 will never go below 12V in operation - guarantee it. Leave it at the default 10V. It's irrelevant (but not for Pd supply batteries which is a separate setting on this charger if I read the manual correctly)

2) Set this to a bit below the current output specified from the PS on the nameplate. From memory it is 75A for 110V supply so you might want 70A. Will limit your total charger input to 70x12 = 840Watts. You could set it the same if you want. Again the 580 will protect itself in any case but it is better to have the charger manage any overload nicely than have the supply shut down. Won't happen since this supply has a lot more current capacity than your charger can draw. Note that your PS8 will never be a 1000W charger on 12V. Max is 600W with the 50A input limit.

It doesn't matter whether you use one or two connectors. The +12V and ground are all connected internally. The currents across the internal PC tracks may be a bit unbalanced if you use two separate connectors into two different packs but that has nothing to do with the total current.


PS Sorry, missed Charles reply before I wrote this (Charles do you never sleep!)

He is spot on and has the advantage of having a PL8 so speaks from experience.
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I still have questions with regard to the CellPro PowerLab8 setup information. It requests power source data in terms of lower voltage limit and upper current limit.

1. The manual suggests using 1/2 of the operating voltage (12v) for the lower voltage limit from a DC power supply. This would mean setting 6v for the DL580. Does this make sense for the DL580? (the PowerLab8 default setting is 10v)

2. The manual requests an upper current limit for charging. I am not sure what would be appropriate for the 1300W DL580, pulling from only one side (2 pairs) of the output contacts. (the PowerLab8 default setting is 25A)

Can anyone advise?
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