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Here's a couple shots of how I did the stab and rudder. I'm using some 0.020" walnut veneer. I have a bunch of this stuff left over from some furniture refinishing. It happens to be the same thickness as small Dubro hinges. I cut out the hinge locations and elevator connector and glue the veneer to 6mm depron with 3M 77 glue. Then I add another layer of depron over it.

The advantages are the hinges are perfectly centered in the precut slots and the hard wood provides significant dent protection for the otherwise fragile foam edges. It also provides a nice centerline reference as I shape the airfoils. In addition, it provides a solid surface to mount the control horns. I'll cut the foam away under the horn down to the wood and "pot" the control horn in epoxy.

I covered the rudder with a layer of the 1/2 oz. cloth in WBPU. I'll cut the rudder off, shape those edges, then give each surface and other layer of 1/2 cloth.

I'll do the stab with tissue and WBPU just to compare the weight and stiffness.

My weight budget for the tail group is 70g to get the CG right with no added nose weight and it looks like they'll come in pretty close to that.
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