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Wrong Flex shaft

Apparently almost all of the first batch of these shipped with the WRONG direction flex cable. OSE has a pre-done correct one and is shipping all of his with it.
By some videos it will run but not very long. So make sure to check yours. See the OSE thread here. See post #8 for correct direction.

Originally Posted by Darin Jordan
You should be able to see some of the cable hear the coupler on the motor... The prop should rotate to the left. If the rotation of the strands around the cable are going counter-clockwise and you move down the length of the flex, they are reversed (right-hand) rotation. If they are clock-wise, they are standard, left-hand rotation.

The strands should be in TENSION when the prop is rotating the correct direction, tightening the cable wrap. If it's reversed, it will be trying to unwind the cable wrap, making the cable a larger diameter, and seizing in the stuffing tube, if not outright breaking.

I just put together a quick picture to illustrate...

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