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Originally Posted by signguy View Post
I had a bad day of flying so far

I had multiple power offs, in midair. This is not a good landing technique!

Now, I'm having problems getting the motor gyros to work. The yaw seems fine, but no motor gyros. I've been through my wiring, but don't see anything obvious. I have a real arduino pro like in this thread on its way, maybe its just the clone I'm using???

It seems to be getting worse as the day goes on
Hmm, too bad...doesnīt sound good. You did calibrate your escs to 125% ATV and set the minthrottle to your particular escīs? I played around the mintrhottle value to see if I could go lower than 1120 with Plush ESC, but it was no good and resulted in motor stops with large negative corrections and subsequent half-flips or crashes. Motors should be spinning at low RPM when copter is armed!

Another thing. You might accidencally zero your P value for one axis, if you dont watch your mouse, when using the GUI. I had this happen (dunno how) and suddenly had no roll stabi....I was scratching my head, until I decided to open the GUI again and look closer at the values!
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