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It shows the strength of the signals received in the plane, as reported by the telemetry module. If the tx is not hearing the telemetry module well, it will flicker, but will still indicate the strength of the transmitter's signal at the model.

Next question should be, "Why would the tx not hear the telemetry module well?"

Reason 1 has to be the TM antenna location.

The short-range telemetry module TM1100 (smaller and lighter, better for small helis) doesn't have the long range. I put one in my T-28D for testing. If I fly the model away from me, I'll see that telemetry bars flicker or go off when I'm near/beyond the short-range telemetry module's range (about 300' I think). The signal from the tx to the plane, though, is perfect.

What's really cool is doing a range-test with the telemetry active. With the tx in Range Test mode and the tx/rx separated by 100+ feet, you can see the effect of antenna direction and other obstructions very easily. When I was testing this, I had to leave my model in my office and walk way down the hall, then put my hand over the antenna to see the Flight Log data change. When you get your DX8, be sure to hook up the telemetry and do a range test. (You do one every day at the field, right?)

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