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Mixing Table 101 (in honor of Jim)

Originally Posted by maximus-rc View Post
I want to pass my + Octo to X configuration.
Anyone has mixing table ?
You think that camera mount is big enough to handle your camera

As for the mixing table, it's very easy to make one yourself.

Gas- All motors that are used get +64. Motors that are not used get 0 for all their settings.

Pitch (Nick)- Draw a picture of your copter, then draw a horizontal line through the center. Every motor that is above the line gets +64. Every motor below the line gets -64. If the motor is on the line, then it gets 0.

Roll- Draw a vertical line through the center of the picture. Every motor on the left side of the line gets +64. Every motor on the right side of the line gets -64. Every motor on the line gets 0.

Yaw- Every prop that turns clockwise when looking down at it gets +64. Every prop that turns counter clockwise gets -64.

If you follow the above rules, you will be able to make a mixer table for any configuration you want to try


PS- Technically, not all numbers should be +-64. When this came out, they said to make them proportional to the distance the motor was from the center line. When you look through the pre-defined options, you'll see that they use +-64 for everything. I've tried it both ways, and if anything, I think it works better using +-64 than trying to make them proportional.
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