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Because the Mikado doesn't have a bind port, you'll need to use the same "type" of receiver as the Mikado emulates in order to get it to bind. Contact Mikado to find what type of rx they emulate. My guess is it will be an AR7000 since those are so dominant in the heli market, but it could also be an AR7600 like the DX7 SE comes with.

Bind the TM1000 using the appropriate Spektrum rx and the heli's remotes (you need to use the bind button on the TM1000 to do the bind). Once bound, power it all down, move the remotes over to the Mikado unit again and power it all up. The DX8 should connect to the remotes and control the heli, and it should show that telemetry is being received (bars in top left corner). If that doesn't work, most likely it was because you didn't use the correct type of Spektrum rx when binding.

That should work. I can't say for sure since I don't fly helicopters, especially FBL ones. I'm doing OK with the MSR - that's about it!

To get the voltage data, you should put a Y connector into one of the servo jacks. Remove the yellow wire from one, and plug the TM1000 into it. The other one can go to the servo. If you have a spare jack, then just use an extension with the yellow removed. The TM1000 monitors the voltage appearing on its rx connection.

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