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Holy Cow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That there is one rusty nut!
What is it diong inside a gyro?
Is there a legit reason there needs to be a "large" mass of iron inside a gyro?

Now that i have seen that i will never buy a Futaba GY 401 gyro....and i was just at the lhs yesterday and noticed that the price ther for the futaba gy 401 was $149.99 and they dropped it to $139.99.....mabey it is a fake....with a nut stuck in it.

Well if the fakes have rusty nuts in them then we should be able to weigh the gyro and compare it to the weight of a known real one...who knows.
But that fake gyro just made Futaba lose a

Everybody needs to stop buying the cheap clone knock off stuff..........yeah right ...that will never happen......but thats what needs to be done!

Darker....I hope you can get your money back...but i doubt it.
We need to fight fire with them with fake funds!

The best thing to do is educate as many people as you can about the fake products and how buying them not only burns you personaly but also is degrading our economy and general way of life.
Education is the key....if people really understand what they are doing by buying the clone fake stuff and they keep buying it.....Well thats why gyros get sold with a rusty nut in them....because they know some guppy will come along and have a bite.

Good Luck Darker....and don't buy anymore cheap clone knock off stuff ....or else you might end up with a pair of rusty

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