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Originally Posted by DannyZRC View Post
calling the 2 aux digital trims linear inputs is a tiny bit of a stretch, no? :-D
No stretch at all! I said "linear" not "analog" - there's a major difference. An analog control would be a pot, which is limited in resolution only by the A/D converter. A linear input can vary across the entire range, with many steps along the way. With a linear input, it takes a time to move from one end of travel to the other. With an analog input you can just slam the pot from limit to limit almost instantly. Analog is a subset of linear, in that sense.

Since you can vary the trimmers across the full 2048-step range or across a limited range like a trim, you could make them behave as best suits your model. For things where you need precise control rather than speed (camber adjust), it's perfectly suited. As people use and play with the capabilities, they'll learn this is an extremely powerful platform, far more than one can write in a manual for the average user.

I think Frog was just trying to bash it because we chose not to provide sailplane programming. We all know where he stands from his numerous posts in threads about his favorite radio. I was just pointing out that it has far more capability than is obvious from the published documentation.

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