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Have been doing some charging since I got the PL8. Been charging 3S 2250 25C batteries. I have tried generic accurate charge and generic faster charge using Auto 1C charging. Like I have read on here it definitely under charges at about 1.4A per pack, both as single packs and parallel (2-3 packs).

I don't charge plugged into the computer since I prefer to charge outside in a fire safe container. But when I went to work on a custom preset, I got warning messages about stored errors that all reported over-voltage. I sent that on to FMA.

After reading on here, instead of creating a custom fuel table, I'm going to make a preset using manual charging. I am going to use the "generic high power" as my base to work from and copy that to a preset.

My questions are:
1) The best way to limit the voltage of the cells to indicate a charged state to the charger? Since there appears to be over-voltage charging on the packs I want to alter the "full charge" voltage to lower than 4.199.

My thought for the answer is to "check" the "Advanced Properties" for my new preset (my copy of "high power") go to the "fuel tab" and alter "fuel table 100%" from 4.199V to something lower like 4.15V (or possibly lower and creep up on a higher value later). Does this seem like a correct solution?

Another answer may be for me to change the "C/?" Termination setting on the "Termination Tab"?

2) When setting the manual charge current, am I setting it per pack since it asks if I'm parallel charging and how many packs OR should I be doing the math (2.2 Amps * #of packs)?

My thought here is to use the "per pack current" (i.e. 2.2 Amps in this case) and then tell it how many packs I'm charging. (this assumes that if I'm charging let's say 3 packs in parallel then by specifying a current of 2.2A and 3 for number of packs it will charge at or near 6.6A).

Thanks in advance,

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