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Drove by the Lake today and shot a couple of frames of Park & Rec.'s Rules..

No person shall willfully disobey the notices,
prohibitions or directions on any sign posted by
the Recreation and Park Commission or the
Recreation and Park Department. (Added by
Ord. 603-81, App. 12/18/81)



No person shall, in any park without permission of the Recreation and Park Department:
(d) Carry or use a model airplane which is powered by liquid fuel or designed to be used with such fuel;

And they just added the " No Smoking" sign... SF Health Code, Article 19I

*sigh* Kinda makes me want a cigarette... even though I quit a decade ago!

Older(original) sign up a tree, north (sail) side of Spreckles Lake...

"Model Yacht Facility
No Fishing Allowed
Power boats on south side of lake only between 10am and 1pm Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday only"

and the new signage in a couple of places near the power 'pit area' on the south side of the Lake reads...
  1. Internal Combustion (IC) and Nitro powered boats may be operated on the lake from 10amto 1pm Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays only. Sail boats shall have full access of the lake at all times.
  2. IC and Nitro powered boats must not be operated at speeds in excess of 15 MPH and must not exceed a decible noise level of 60 at full throttle at 50' from the meter on shore.
  3. All local and state laws must be observed in the interest of safety.
  4. Powered boats are to steer clear of all wildlife on the lake.
  5. No more than two IC or Nitro powered boats may be operated on the lake at any one time.
  6. IC/Nitro powered boats shall be run in a clockwise direction and remain outside of the far-east and far-west ends of the lake.
  7. Radio frequency flags must be properly displayed on antennas whenever in use.
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