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Originally Posted by harttvboy View Post
Hi all!
I am having a weird issue trying to use a watt meter though. See the pic with two batteries in series to reference. For some reason, ( I have not tried another pack yet) when I attempt to get a reading from my Astro Watt meter, its stops at 12.45 amps and around 240 watts. It will read batter voltage, and the motor will get to full throttle, but I can't get a reading. Any help here would be great- I am sure by guessing that I am within my limits ( I have another setup with this motor and a 13x8 prop that pulls about 70 amps-I dropped a pitch and increased length each by an inch-the worst is a 5 amp ish increase I would think...).

Do you guys thing that with the above noted issue that it would be safe to fly? Let me know. I also could not seem to get the plane to balance with the 3.3 aH pack- I could just barely get it to 6 inches with the Hyperion 6s 5000 pack pictured as well. The Thunder Power pack is just another that is a hair lighter and will be more fun to fly with once I am used to the airframe. Let me know guys!


Hi Chris,

"Wierd" is not a good thing with electronics. You have a 70A meter and you should be getting more current indicated on that setup. I would check the meter on another setup first. See if the meter is defective.

I looked at the pictures and it looks like you have the packs in series correctly. 12.45A @ 240W is just 19.28V. This is much lower than it should be. Perhaps the batteries are not fully charged or the packs are not balanced.

Also, that motor is rated for 29V max voltage. You may need more voltage to get the maximum power from the motor.

JMHO but I would sort out the problem before flying.
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