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Originally Posted by Razors edge 29 View Post
Well i looked at the 120 today; was gunna buy one BUT opted not to because I want something bigger.
It looks nice though.
I also inspected the gear to see if it would make that "clicking" noise but turning the mast and didn't hear anything but normal gear mesh noise. Now it might Make noise at higher RPMs.
I did notice though that the piņon gear meets with the main gear at the bottom of the piņon and not in the middle.
Are they all like that?
Got the sr 120 this week, flew it four times (battery charges) so far. First and second batt. flight, there was no clicking, third flight started getting the clicking, but I also changed the linkage to the advance mode. Fourth flight clicking got louder, like in the video by pappy1. Changed the linkage back to factory setting, same clicking.
The screw head that attaches through the main gear and shaft, looks like it has been rubbing against bottom of frame, and made a few small shavings that might be getting into the lower bearing. I did loosen the screw, quarter turn, and the blades turned easier. Not sure if the clicking was quieter, maybe. Going to fly it awhile, maybe till it breaks, then start tearing it apart.

The pinon gear on mine also is not centered with the main gear, it also is at the bottom and some of the main gear is a bit past the pinon gear.
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