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Originally Posted by steelfaith1 View Post
I know Christ, Jefferson didn't....that gives me the upper hand. Having Faith means believing what God wrote in the Bible. You can't please Him without Faith.

Christ's death and resurrection was hidden from the be revealed later.
Their writings, even though written to the Jews living under the Law, were still inspired by God the Holy Spirit.

Under the old testament ecomomy, the Hebrew children received many blessings. When they obeyed He blessed them. When they whored out after false gods, He removed them from the Promised, it was a 2 way street. The last time they were kicked off their land was due to their involvement in the death of Christ. "Let His blood be upon us and our children" was what they told Him. Hence they suffered for that move for over 2000 years.

Jewish kosher laws have no effect on the salvation of the Jews today. Abstaining from bacon never got anybody into heaven in this Age of Grace. For the past 2000 years, for Jew and Gentile alike, salvation is based on your Faith in the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ.
It is amazing that people will base a bigotry on a dubious text of scripture. No scholar believes the writing of Matthew was done by an eye witness of any trial of Christ so words of the crowd could not be first hand so to base a bigotry on such a text is silly beyond comprehension. Scholars are also in general agreement that there was no sermon on the mount... so Matthew takes literary license as it were.... and likely did so again in those words.
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