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IMHO... when someone like Paul says, "God's spirit is speaking to me", ... the prudent thing to do is become very skeptical.

With all do respect, I have no doubt people conjure things in their minds and think and believe 0they have the holy spirit. Thinking and believing don't make it so.

The human mind is an interesting thing. An example from my realm. My wife was taking chemo, she'd smile and say, your not going to believe what I'm seeing and describe the latest vision of flowers on the ceilings in 3D or whatever it happened to be this time. She'd laugh about it, it was funny to her because the visions were as real as life itself... except she new there weren't any frigging flowers on the ceiling at least in 3D.

Another, my wife woke me and started scolded me for flirting with another woman... whoa I cried, I'm not responsible for what I do in your dreams.

The human mind is capable of getting off the tracks at times and associating those off track moments as reality is nuts.
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