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420mAh micro Hummer multimeter readings

Hi guys, the battery is finaly dead! over the course of 4 drives it feels like about 45-60mins drivetime.

Word is you should never run a LiPo under 20% capacity, 420 - 80% = 332mAh, I read it's current draw using a multimeter, of cousre this was with it upside down so with there being no "load" or friction on the drive wheels I know the "ture" reading will be higher

32.9mAh standy still

90.0mAh drive, no turn (inc 32.9mah)
190.0mah turn ,no drive (inc 32.9mah)

So if i drove it in a non-stop circle, the total draw would be 214.2mAh and it should last an hour and a half!

Of course all the handbrake turns, "J" turns, starts and stop will take more power than a straight line, so I think it is about 45 mins from a 420Mah, I may try downgrading to 150mAh to take off a lil more weight and see what fun comes from it then.

Another mod to come!
Since fitting the LiPo I got stuck under the sofa a couple of times and the two outer roof lights snapped off, I have ordered 8 ultrabright white and 2 red 3mm LEDs for 2GBP, 4 white on the roof and 2 red tail lights, Should look really cool, Photos to follow.
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