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Originally Posted by Micro Fly View Post
.... My question to you is? Do you think that the current draw when using these 8060 slow fly prop is going to damage the esc or motor on my airplane? .....
I couldn't got to WOT because the O ring wasn't tight enough. I've read that flyers using 8x6SF use 2 O rings because the thrust is large.

My interest in using the SF props is to get more thrust at lower revs (= lower air speed) so as to fly slower.

In a week when I'm back, I will try to equate current with thrust with throttle position for the different props. Then I can see if there are any restrictions of throttle position when I fly slower.

If at half throttle the 8060 is already drawing 10amps. Then at higher throttles would I be overloading the esc and possibly burning it out? Also would upgrading to say maybe an 18amp speed control ( I have one laying around ) deviate the problem?
At 12 amps the battery connector was warming up after just a minute. All the components need to match. I've not looked at how hot the motor gets yet. When I do the next tests, I'll see what parts get warm/hot.
Also, the thrust at half throttle might be enough to do all that I want and still be within the motor/battery/connector/ESC limits (and maybe to avoid ripping the motor mounting out of the plane).

Also: What brand prop did you test with? GWS?...My 8060 slow fly props are GWS and the prop adapter that came with my plane seem to fit nice and snug.
I'm getting better a prop saver and the props are GWS

Back in a week, retiredbri
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