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Landing Skid Mod to save your servo gear.

Save your servo!

Noticed today that the landing skid mount on the rear left in a hard crash will cause contact between the big servo gear and the landing gear at the frame.

Hold the heli firmly and press the skid up on the rear left side....notice how the little nub/mounting post from the landing gear sticking up through the chassis can contact the servo gear ...The skid will break the servo gear in a hard crash...not good

The easy fix is to trim the rear left skid where it mounts to the chassis/frame.

Remove the skid from the heli.
You only need to trim just a small slice.....Use a dremel or some other tool that will cut through the tiny steel rod that is inside the skid mount at the chassis/frame.
Cut it so that when the skid is installed the skid mounting post is flush with the chassis/frame...By doing that you will save you left servo from getting ruined on a hard landing/crash.

On to the pics
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