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HAHA, you have to ask the man what his definition of cold and wet is.

My definition of cold and wet is when the temperature is hovering around 0 degrees Celsius and the rain is coming down so hard that if you were to walk the ten feet from the door to the car you would be soaked, roads turn into creeks, basements flood, and the sun hasn’t been seen for days. Of course when the temp does drop below zero it plummets to minus 15 or 20 and the humidity goes through the roof, then the wind picks up and we end up with a humidly -30 or so with wind chill factors. Of course ive never been back east during the winter, those guys probably think we are all wimps out west.

I am assuming though that Bruce isn’t thinking the same as me. He could be worried about it dropping to 20 degrees Celsius and rain might be a 5 minute spritz. Then again, he could be talking about just getting out of the shower and there's a stiff breeze.

Bruce what is the rain like where you live? What is your idea of cold and hot?

Curious. Some people live where the weather is quite nice year round.

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