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3V Micro RC to LiPo conversion

I think I bought this lil guy about 8 years ago from a shop called "bug" that used to be in Piccadilly train station, it ran on 2 N SIZE batteries, 2/3AAA size, when they ran out I just boxed it and forgot about it up till I found this thread and thought I would have a go at giving it a LiPo upgrade and all things concidered it turned out really well! the hardest part was removing the obsolete battery terminals and plastic battery divider.

Cell fitting snuggly where the 2 "N SIZE" used to live, the battery door should still fit.

You can see the one set of terminals are still in place in this photo,
they were removed when I added the charging socket.

On charge from a S026 charger, this cell was happy charging from this when in the S026

PicooZ charge plug adaptor, the stock S.P.D.T. on/off switch moves the cell from PCB to Charge

The 420mAh LiPo I fitted takes about 60-70mins from a S026 wall charger, I've been running it for about 15mins and it's only dropped down to 3.8V from 4.1V, I'll post the run time once I have long enough to run it down to 3.2V.

here's a video for your amusement....

8yr old micro rc LiPo upgrade (1 min 59 sec)

It's nippy, I may have to look under the fridge to see if my micro Veyron is there, who would win, the 3.7V Monster Hummer or the light and agile 1.2V Veyron?

I can almost imagin doing this again in another 8 years when Carbon nano-tube research has finally boosted a LiPo output by 10 times, I dont wnat to think how long this would run for on a 4200mAh Cell!
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