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As stated in my review the wings are quite thin and they give a limit to flying it in a wind of no more than 16 mph. I have done several loop de loops with out any problems. I ran the motor to climb and at the top of the loop turned the motor off and did the second half of the loop with the aid of gravity alone. The following quote is from the aerobatic section of my review.

"The DG-1000 is an EPO foam electric glider and its special flight feature is the raising of the motor to climb to altitude and then lowering it to search for and fly in thermals. The motor can be raised and lowered for multiple climbs during one battery run. The foam wings are very thin and I don't plan to try any serious dives or high stress aerobatics, but I have performed several nice loops with her. I have done some low angle long slow dives and she looks very graceful in performing those dives. I just won't be doing any high speed maneuvers."

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