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Another Review Lifeng 666 from Meritline

OK, I just took delivery of this cute little and inexpensive 3 channel IR helicopter today and what a pleasant surprise. It only took only 4 days to ship from the time I ordered it. This little bird is IMO an outstanding value. It flies GREAT!!! It costs just $19.99 USD and that includes shipping. Because I live in their state so I did have to pay the sales tax for a grand total $21.93 delivered. It is an exceptional well built heli and is a great feel for it and the TX sticks and control response is what I believe is just right. It actually handles air currents and breezes quite well despite it's light weight. Additionally, it's tail boom and tail vertical fin and horizontal fin are all made of aluminum alloy. I was almost positive for such an inexpensive helicopter that the entire model would be plastic but I was wrong. I filled up the transmitter with 6 2300mah Energizer AA Nimh cells and then plugged the charging cord into the bottom of the model and the indicators on the transmitter indicated that the model's flight battery was taking the charge by blinking of the green LED lamp. A full charge is indicated by the green lamp stops blinking. Initially, the green LED will blink fapidly and as you near the full charge state the green LED will slow it's blinking rate . Being anxious to try my Lifeng 666 heli I disconnected the cord when the green lamp slowed down to about 1 flash per 4 seconds but it could have taken more as the first flight was fairly short around I'd say 3-4 minutes. The heli includes a USB cord which can be used to charge the heli instead of the standard attached cord to the transmitter. A nice touch and the model includes a spare tail rotor as well an the manual. Please see the pics. This is very nice flying heli and it's actually quite precise but it doesn't have the twitchy or oversensitive feel like the Syma S100 although the S100 is nice a little heli also but I personally like this Lifeng 666 over the S100. The controls response and feedback are very similar to my JiaYuan Micro Comanche which I like very much. Although the model could have been better packed by Meritline but fortunately the model and contents arrived at my place unscathe d and no damage. Meritline shipped the model in one of those crappy grey plastic mailing bags with just a single layer of micro bubble wrap surrounding the box inside the bag and amazingly the model survived the journey to my house but then it didn't have to go very far to go as Meritline's CA wherehouse is only around 40 miles away. I'm very impressed with this little heli and is IMO is an outstanding value for a 3 channel IR helicopter. See pics below.

here is the link to this little heli:

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