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Blade 120 SR tips and mods i have done yours

I will continue to add mods as i do them,be sure to check back!

The 120 sr in a Jet Ranger body
Two stock batteries for longer flight time
1000 mah battery from an SR 3S battery pack
Lighted Blade Tip
Landing skid servo gear saver mod
Ziptie/wire mod
O ring skid mod
Tail motor bearing keeper mod

Well with only one battery to fly with it gives me time to think

The tail motor has a small bearing on the motor shaft between the motor can and the tail rotor.
It is there to help save the tail motor in a crash by preventing the tail rotor from pushing the motor shaft out the back and it looks like it will also help keep the motor shaft from getting bent in a crash.

Good idea,but it is tiny.....and it always comes flying off in a crash.In the house you may be able to find it,but forget it if your outside....that tiny bearing is gone!

Good thing don't need it.The heli will fly fine without it....but you loose the protection that it provides.

I came up with an easy solution.
I call it the "tail motor bearing keeper"
It is just a thin strip of plastic bent at a 90* angle.It tucks between the motor can and the motor mount.There is a hole in the center to provide space for the tail rotor....binding would definitely cause the tail motor to over work and die.So there is ample space for the tail rotor.

I had to try it...and that ment an intentional crash so i aimed for the couch .I flew right into the back of it...plop....zing there goes the tail rotor,but the bearing keeper did its job and held the bearing on the motor shaft .

The pictures will explain better than i

I also made some O rings for the skids.I cut some narrow slices of nitro fuel tube i had.They fit great.
And they prevent the heli from sliding around on lift off....or when you want to land.
They also help prevent the skids from doing a split on a hard landing,saving your skids a bit longer.
Again the pics are more interesting than my
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