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SUCCESS! Maidened my Assassin today. It's actually my second Assassin maiden in three days but I'll get back to that later.

I have gotten back into RC this year after dabbling as a teenager. I have gone through a few planes already.. most still fly to some extent but I'm hitting the limits of what 5-minute epoxy can do. So I picked the Assassin as a way to just enjoy flying without worring about crashes, hard landings, quirky gas engines, windy days and trusting my kids with the sticks.

Here she is, post-first-flight:
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The build is pretty stock; 1300mah 3s lipo, Mystery 30a ESC, AR6100e radio, TowerPro MG servos, cheapie motor.

Everything trimmed out nicely and my 11-year-old son and I took turns flying. We each flubbed a launch sending the plane carwheeling. He dropped it in the soybean field once. I was messing with the plane on purpose and it got away from me at the end of the runway and hit the grass at mid-power in open view of everone in the RC club sitting around. I think their jaws dropped when I walked up calmly, straighted the prop and threw it back in the air without giving it any thought! In my last flight I was fooling around again and put it into the turf HARD. Unfortunately, that crash was farther away and no one was there to appreciate me rubbing the grass stains off a perfectly intact plane.

So SUCCESS! Thanks to Lee and everyone who had input into this design. It's a winner and I'm already working on another one (embedded lights for night flight!).

Now, about last Friday. That was my first Assassin maiden. I unwisely used a knock-off Spektrum AR6100e receiver. Although it tested fine on the ground and had a good first flight, on the second flight it lost signal when my son took it a little farther than I did. It flew beautifully and descended slowly into a soybean patch a few hundred feet away. Two 2-hour search sessions were unfruitful, so I ordered another Assassin body on Saturday, it arrived on Monday (!!), I built it Monday night and flew it today (Tuesday)--with a real Spektrum A6100e.

Edit: added pictures after finishing the decal/foil job
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