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Sorry CaptJack, I might have mislead.

I have pretty good experience with laptops \ PC's etc (IT Administrator \ Network specialist by trade) and I have setup phoenix in the manner you suggested (default model in my DX7) and I want to modify the model paramaters within Phoenix.

My question was primarly around a "key \ common" setting that you change for just about everyone and I think you have answered it in terms of "expo".

I will have another tinker with the 500 model and again try my Gaui model however the reason for the taking a laptop the the field was so that I could make immediate "tweaks" to Phoenix flight charactertics and then transfer the settings back to my desktop machine. Basically, after 8hrs at the field, 2 hrs drive - I am pretty stuffed and by the time I get on the desktop PC 4-5 hrs later after ariving back at home - I cannot seem remember exactly how it feels different than my heli in real flight only that it doesnt feel correct.

I guess at the end of the day it doesnt have to be perfect and as long as it builds confidence and reinforces orientation and muscle memory its better than not using the Sim at all.
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