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Aurora 9 Timer Set & Timer Beep Indicators

Originally Posted by -S- View Post
I've had my A-9 for a little bit and think I understand it, but either I've found a bug or I'm dense
- Voting for Dense.I bought my first Gasser this weekend, and like all my electrics I wanted to
use the timer for the flight, all the electrics I have set up so when the throttle hits 5% the
count begins. (I have set up the telemetry on 2 of the electrics and it rocks)I tried over and over
and could not get it to work as I wanted. The count down (or up) starts as soon as the radio is on,
I cannot make it start or stop at any defined throttle position.Is that just a feature for electrics with an ESC?
Still loving the A9 over my last radio and I can see it will take quite a long time before I'll use even
half the features. I have drank the cool aid and have started buying Hitec gear all the way through
on all my planes, good marketing - Even bought a FunCub, I should have bought stock before
I started!Thanks -S-
Manual page 54 & 55.
Refer para "T". Move throttle stick to desired low position and push [SET] to set % "On" = Start.
Next move stick to high position and push [SET] at desired % "Off" = Stop.

Aurora has a total of three timers.
. Two can be assigned to count either up or down and assigned to be activated via a
switch or the throttle stick.
. The third timer is an overall timer to show how long the radio has been powered up.
Reset this after charging the batteries so you can track the runtime of the radio and
estimate how long until you will need to recharge
. Timer beeps every one minute and then once ever second at the 20 second to go mark
and then twice every second for the last 10 seconds.

Aurora A9 V1.07. - Timer: Improved Functions
•Timer Reset Method: Press & hold the Timer (1 or 2) screen for about 2 seconds which you want to reset.
Aurora A9 V1.04, 5 & 6 refer:
Aurora A9 - Countdown Timer does not switch/copy when changing models. Reset for each model, update pending. (a)
Aurora A9 - Countdown Timer workaround (b)......... (Touch the timer while activated to reset).
Aurora A9 V1.08 V1.08 manual addendum
. A bigger timer screen has been added.
. To activate, press either small timer icon. To return to main menu, press the return icon top right.
User can enter direct into Timer Setting Mode by pressing "[Timer-1]"
or [Timer-2] on the Timer Screen. The settings remain the same as V1.07.
Aurora A9 V1.09. 20Sep12 - timer issue fixed An earlier update had effected accuracy of timer, now corrected.

21Dec10 added:
Aurora Upgrade V1.08 will have a newTimer Screen - pictured. upgrade due end Jan11.

31Jan11 added:
Set Throttle countdown/up with EP Throttle for timed motor runs.
"Yes. Use Timer 1 or 2, up or down set to throttle switch.
Timer will beep at one minute mark then every one minute and then once ever second at the
20 second to go mark and then twice every second for the last 10 seconds with a long beep at finish.
Timer then stops beeping.
. The switch simply pauses countdown/up which resumes at last position into negative/positive value with no more
beeps unless the Timer is reset.
. To reset Timer for the next two minutes, user must push the Timer Icon. "

31May11 added:
Q. Can timer be paused when you hit throttle hold.
A. a) You can if you tie the timer to the hold switch.
.....b) You cant have it tied to the throttle stick AND the hold switch.
.....c) If you set the timer to the hold switch then you can make it stop when in hold and start when out of hold.

Aurora 9, Spectra 2.4Ghz Module & Optima Transceiver
- FAQ & Undocumented Features
- Mixes, Setups, Tips. {Individual Links often updated}

Alan T.
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