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Originally Posted by OzDruiD View Post
Even though my model is listed in Phoenix, it just doen't "feel" the same if that makes sense. Pretty sure I need to take a laptop the the field, fly the real thing - tweak the Phoenix model a bit, fly some more for real, tweak the model more to fine tune it. Its a litle bit hard for me as a begineer to pick whats I need to change in Phoenix to "match" it to real life.
Hi Chris - sounds like you want to install Phoenix on your laptop and use it for setting up your 550 out at the field? The only experience I have with Phoenix is on a desktop computer. What I advise my students is to default the settings in their transmitter and change the settings in Phoenix - instead of defaulting Phoenix and changing the settings in their transmitter. That way we have the same settings even if we aren't using the same transmitter. I use the Trex-500 model for training as it most closely simulates the 450 in real life - at least for training hovering and forward flight. In most cases I start with 25% expo on the cyclic and "fine tune" the min and max for sensitivity depending on the student and the kind of flying they want to do. I'd be more than happy to walk you through some of the setup options if you want to schedule a session. Germany's clocks are 8 hours behind Australia's clocks (Sydney) - let me know what works for you.

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