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The dps-700cb connectionboard looks like the above image. both sides of the board sticking out are the same, though not in voltages but in layout.
I've tried either side but the supply won't start. I now have to try combinations with both sides.
(P.S., don't look to much to my paint art)

Yes, I've hacked it after reading this part in this thread:
Originally Posted by MDavis22
jj604: Thank you for the good description of getting your HP Power Supply to work.

I have a similar HP Power Supply DPS-600PB with "only" 47 Amps. I tried shorting all the pins to ground with a reisistor inline also, but it never occurred to me to short two :-).
I measured the voltages on all the pins, and the one short pin and the one that made it work were both just above 4 volts. The others were not really identifiable except ground and 5V.
No 3.3 volts on this one, just 5, +12 and -12, but apparently the +12 is not on until the power supply is jumpered.
I have only tested it up to 3.5 amps, but the voltage held without any measurable drop, so I am very optimistic that I will get full output.

The pins to be grounded were not in a line, so I used balance plug receptacles puhed out of their connector with shrink tubing over them, twisted and soldered them together. No power switch so far.

Again, many thanks.

Edit: here are the pins I jumpered:
The connector looks like this:

1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12

6 is shorter than the rest, connect 6 and 10 to ground. 8 is ground, and I used 8, but any ground will work. 5 measured 0 volts, same as 8, so is ground.

The fan is pretty loud indoors, Ok outside.
I've updated the picture since i forgot one strip on the circuitboard connector. The arrows point to the strips that need to be connected
to each other. It is as seen from the side where the label with the serialnumber etc. is stuck on.
It are the first, fourth and sixth strip that needs to be connected to each other.
The only thing now is that i'll solder some heavy gauge wire to the 12 volt strips (the larger one's) and build some sort of case around it.
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