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Now have 15 flights on it. Still no death, destruction or despair. With an 11.1V 25C 3S 2200 it will climb until you lose sight of it (20/15 vision). Working on 4 and 8 point hesitation rolls, slow rolls, smoother Cuban 8's, and knife-edge flight. I will look to the video instructions for Harriers some time soon and see if I can give that one a go.

One of the guys at the park has dialed in some flaperon and it appears to work REALLY well. It knife-edges completely straight on the first notch, and has pretty amazing SLOW speed handling on the second notch. Looked to be about 10% down on the first setting and close to 30-40% on the second. I will follow up if I learn more because he was making some great slow passes.

I have to work out the flaperon approach on my DX-6i, not sure how to set that up yet.

Still undecided on final paint scheme (there are too many stock planes at the field now, it is getting confusing - just like the T-28) but I have decided that I really like the plane.

Now if PZ would just come out with an EDF F-20 w/retracts and a FW-190-D9 with retracts.....are you listening Dave? ;^)
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